Breast Augmentation in India

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Most women only dream of a natural-looking breast augmentation. Why won’t you make your dream come true? One of the most popular and frequently performed aesthetic surgery procedures, breast enlargement has a long and successful track record in bringing satisfaction women who wish to augment, regain or restore balance and perfection to their figures.

Each and every woman deserves to be and feel feminine all the time, and for many women the shape and size of their breasts can make them feel that they lost their femininity. Having breasts that are not in perfect harmony to their figure can also alter self-esteem. For women suffering from breast cancer, choosing to undergo a breast reconstruction surgery may be a step on the road to healing.

Benefits of breast augmentation in India

  • Improves size and contour of the breast
  • Breast changes occurred due to weight loss and pregnancy can be corrected
  • Improves lost self-esteem
  • Trained & experienced plastic surgeons
  • Practices high quality standards
  • Uses only modern medical equipment
  • Internationally accredited health care facilities
  • Recognized medical tourism industry
  • Offers other cosmetic procedures

When to Consider Breast Augmentation:

  • If you want an improved or more attractive figure
  • If you wish your clothes fit and look better
  • If pregnancy, weight loss or aging has affected the size and shape of your breasts
  • To restore symmetry if one of your breasts is smaller than the other

Prices for Breast Augmentation in India

CityName of the ClinicPrice
ChennaiChennai Plastic Surgery$3,000
GoaManipal Hospital Goa$1,830
HeryanaMedanta | The Medicity$4,206
BangaloreNova Specialty Surgery$3,500
MumbaiPaalvi Centre for Advanced Cosmetic Surgery$2,500

The best Breast Augmentation clinics in India

Paalvi Centre for Advanced Cosmetic Surgery


Chennai Plastic Surgery

Nova Specialty Surgery

Medanta | The Medicity

Apollo Victor Hospital

Manipal Hospital

BLK Memorial Hospital

The cosmetic medical centers for breast enlargement also offer comprehensive counseling, depending on your specific case. Besides, you can enjoy great extras that will highly improve your breast augmentation medical trip.

Have an exotic holiday and breast augmentation surgery in India!

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