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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Abroad


Cosmetic plastic surgery treatment may involve many cosmetic surgeries and choices. Cosmetic surgery procedure and affordable plastic surgery is designed for people who not only would like to improve the appearance of their face, breasts, buttocks, and abdomen, but those who require plastic and reconstructive surgeries caused by accidents, genetic defects and other injuries.



This intervention is commonly known as upper and lower eyelid surgery. By surgical removal of excess skin and fat deposits the intervention helps you escape droopy lids, eyebags, puffy upper eyelids, wrinkles under the lower eyelids or improve the contour of your eyes. As the eyes are the first part of the face that betray your age, alertness and lifestyle, they are the first ones that need refreshing. Before you consider undertaking this procedure you must know which part is more problematic, the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both. You should not think of blepharoplasty if you suffer from insufficient tear production, diabetes, thyroid affections, cardio disease or high blood pressure.

Face Lift Surgery Procedure


Your face may not be as beautiful and expressive as it used to be. This can be caused by exposure to polluted or sunny environments, age, lifestyle, stress, smoking or a combination of all these. This may come normal to some people or it can have profound psychological impact on others. You can choose to contact a plastic surgeon in order to asses the risks implied in order to improve your looks and implicitly the quality of your live.

A facelift surgically treats certain features of the face such as wrinkles, loose skin, fat deposits, providing results that will last many years. The procedure has been somewhat controversial in the past as many people labeled it as a sign of supreme vanity. Nowadays it is just a means of restoring your vitality and a proof that science is on our side. Very popular among individuals aged 40+, facelift surgery is a great enhancement for those who need to mirror their fresh, new, confident attitude on life.


Referred to by most of us as a nose job, rhynoplasty is a type of surgery meant to reshape the nose or to improve breathing problems. According to the patient’s face geometry, the operation can change the size of the nose, its shape, the bridge of the nostrils or the angle between the nose and the upper lip. The reshaping of the nose is quite popular as the nose completely changes the symmetry of the face. Thus, if the nose is perfect the face will look well balanced and beautiful. There are also many cases when this surgery is undertaken for genetic (deviated septum) or injury reasons.

Rhynoplasty / Nose Surgery


Breast Augmentation Procedure


The breast augmentation is a procedure that involves the insertion of breast implants to add volume and to improve the appearance of a woman’s bust line. Women desire a breast surgery from a variety of reasons – for example some women want to increase the size of their natural breast, other women want to correct the disproportionate breasts or repair breasts following mastectomy or trauma to the chest. Also you need to know that if you want a breast augmentation you need to be over 18 years old and you must have a good health condition that involves not having a cardiovascular condition and not being a smoker. We believe that beforestarting any surgery it is very important to know what the needs of the patients and their goals are. We ask you this because each procedure is a particular one and for each patient we need to clearly establish the placement of the implant, the incision place, etc.


Lipostructure is a revolutionary technique that removes fat cells from one area of the body and uses the fat as filler, injecting it into another part of the body to replace atrophied tissue or enhance a feature. This kind of procedure is recommended for patients who want to have a healthy looking appearance and a beautiful body.

Lipostructure Procedure
Liposuction Procedure Abroad


Being the most popular type of cosmetic surgery in the United States according to the American Society for Dermatology Surgery, with an estimated 500,000 procedures performed in one year, liposuction is one of the most effective methods of removing excess fat that does not go away with a healthy diet and exercise, the so called “diet resistant fat”. It is most commonly done on abdomen, buttocks, arms, hips, thighs, knees, ankles, cheeks, neck and chin. Liposuction only removes fat, not cellulite and is effective both in women and men.


Are you finding that all the hours spent in the gym doing crunches and sit-ups are not paying off? Sometimes, despite following a balanced diet and a healthy exercise routine, the abdominal area continues to store an undesired amount of fat. In other cases, multiple pregnancies and genetics can contribute to fat deposits, loose skin and stretch marks, causing the abdomen to look disproportionate to the rest of the body or have an unappealing shape and appearance. If you find yourself in one of the above situations, you may want to take into consideration using abdominoplasty, popularly referred to as “tummy tuck”.

Abdominoplasty Procedure


Reconstructive Surgery Abroad

Your personal image is the key to self-confidence. That is why we give you the chance to improve that image with the help of our experts.

Our clinic has had proven results in over 20 years of medical practice in aesthetic procedures. Whether you want reconstructive surgery or you just need to remove an old scar, we can provide perfection! Our remarkable surgeons will make you see the difference! Their talented and experienced hands along with state of the art medical equipment are your ticket to success!

Starting with your arrival, our experts will diagnose and evaluate your condition in order to help you choose the right procedure for you. Our well-rounded team includes specialists in dermatology, maxillofacial surgery, cardiology, bariatric treatment, gastroenterology, cardiology, and clinical psychology. You can find their remarkable personal biographies and training on the site.

From the most common skin lesions to cancer treatment and cleft palate problems for children, we have the experience and the equipment that will leave no trace on your skin.

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