Best Dentists in Thailand

Best Dentists in Thailand

Dental care is something that many people from all around the world need. The most common dental treatments and procedures are dental implants, crowns, extractions, root canals, braces, gum surgery, veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, bridges and dentures.

Thailand is a country where plenty of top notch dentists are treating both local and international patients. There are many famous clinics and dental specialists that are chosen by people who want to have dental treatment done in Thailand.

Some of the best dentists in Thailand are:

Vejthani Hospital, Bangkok, ThailandDr.Puvadol Pitiguagool

Dr.Puvadol Pitiguagool is a board certified dentist specialized in Root Canals. He treats both local and international patients, has an extended professional experience and successful results.Vejthani Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

Dr.Kessiri Wisithphrom

Dr.Kessiri Wisithphrom is a dental Restorative specialist with a great experience and know how within this field of practice. The training and achieved results prove the doctor’s professionalism and advanced work technique.

Vejthani Hospital, Bangkok, ThailandDr.Chawanid Phekunnakawonges

Dr.Chawanid Phekunnakawonges is an Implant Prosthodontics specialist. Experience, training and great results are the main three factors that recommend the doctor as one of the best dentists in Thailand.

Phuket International Dental Center, Phuket, ThailandDr. Panachai (Chaiwat) Karnkorkul

Dr. Panachai (Chaiwat) Karnkorkul is a Prosthodontics specialist. The years of top notch training and experience are indicators of the dentist’s professionalism, knowhow and result oriented work approach.

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