IVF with Egg Donation in Cyprus

IVF with Egg Donation in Cyprus

IVF with Egg Donation in Cyprus

Do you want to be a parent? Do you dream of conceiving a baby, carrying the pregnancy in the environment you choose and enjoy the time spent together, as a family, afterwards? There is an option that delivers results: IVF with Egg Donation in Cyprus.

What Is IVF with Egg Donation?

The IVF procedure means fertilizing an egg with sperm, outside of the patient’s body. After the egg has been fertilized, it’s implanted into the womb. Depending on the patient’s needs, the procedure differs from one case to another. If the woman isn’t able to produce a healthy egg, then an egg donor will be used. The donor will undergo ovarian stimulation treatments. The retrieved egg is fertilized In Vitro and inserted afterward into the mother’s uterus.

The IVF with Egg Donation is done when the mother isn’t able to produce healthy eggs. The egg is taken from the donor, fertilized with sperm and after that introduced into the carrier’s uterus.

Why Is IVF with Egg Donation Done?

  • Because some women aren’t able to produce healthy eggs, but still dream about starting a family
  • It has a high success rate
  • It’s a procedure that allows the mother to carry and control the pregnancy.

Cost of IVF with Egg Donation in Cyprus is $5,700

Benefits of the IVF with Egg Donation procedure

  • Women unable to produce healthy eggs get the chance to conceive and control their pregnancy
  • It’s a procedure with a high success rate
  • There aren’t any age limits
  • It involves less legal issues compared to adoption

Feel the joy of being a parent and having a complete family!

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