IVF Package in Cancun, Mexico


IVF Package in Cancun, Mexico

The emergence of life remains a miracle, while the inability of having children is a serious problem for couples who dream of that.

Infertility is a problem faced by many couples and is defined as the inability of a couple to conceive after 12 months of regular and unprotected sexual intercourse. The causes of infertility can be applied to both men and women of the couple or to both of them.

IVF Procedure Overview

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a technique of assisted human reproduction, which is done once all classic treatments have failed, or in the most severe cases of infertility.

There are plenty of problems that can prevent a couple from becoming pregnant or conceiving naturally. Some examples are: failed tubal reversal or tubal blockage, endometriosis, cervical factors, pelvic adhesions, male factors, unexplained infertility or failed conventional therapy. For many of these couples, IVF is an option to have the family they’re dreaming of.

IVF is also an acronym for “in a glass”. More exactly, IVF consists in introducing the man’s sperm to a woman’s eggs in the setting of a lab in order to produce an embryo. The embryos are put back into the woman’s uterus after 3 to 5 days of being in an incubator with the high chance that they will grow into a baby.

Cost of IVF Package in Cancun, Mexico

At IREGA IVF Cancun (Cancun, Mexico), the price for the IVF package starts from $5,000. The Mini IVF package’s price starts from $3,650 and the Tandem IVF package from $13,000.

The packages exclude:

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Personal expenses

Why Choose Us?

  • No waiting lists
  • Guaranteed service to all patients
  • Excellent business plan
  • Personal attention
  • Unique and the most complete and latest technology in genetics
  • Bilingual medical services
  • Multidisciplinary team, highly skilled in different aspects of reproductive medicine, endoscopic surgery, maternal fetal medicine, genetics, nutrition, and psychology
  • The clinic is committed to providing patients with the highest quality of care in an individualized, compassionate setting

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