Topmost Facelift Surgery Packages in Cancun, Mexico


Topmost Facelift Surgery Packages in Cancun, Mexico

The face lift procedure is a cosmetic surgery that aims to significantly rejuvenate the patient’s facial appearance by stretching the face’s skin and its subcutaneous tissues, lifting saggy cheeks, correcting the mandible line, removing wrinkles and sagging skin within the face and neck areas.

In most of the cases, this procedure is able to rejuvenate the face, turning back time by 5-10 years or more. The result can be amazing and it’s mainly depending on the patient’s age and skin. As patients are younger, the procedure is less invasive or minimally aggressive/invasive.

The face lift surgery has not only the advantage of changing the aesthetic appearance of the face, but also improves the patient’s mood, state of mind, self confidence and self esteem.

More and more patients from all around the world choose to undergo a face lift procedure in Cancun, Mexico. With plenty of top notch clinics that feature highly specialized, experienced doctors and offer affordable prices, Cancun has become a top destination for cosmetic and plastic surgeries.

Cost of Facelift Surgery Packages in Cancun, Mexico

Perfection Makeover and Laser CenterFacelift Surgery Package in Cancun, Mexicofrom $5,000
Panama Plastic SurgeryFace lift Surgery in Cancun, Mexicofrom $5,420

Benefits of Facelift Surgery

  • The procedures’ results improve self confidence and self esteem.
  • Fine and deep wrinkles are erased from the patient’s face and/or neck.
  • The patient will achieve a firmer, tighter skin and a flawless, youthful look.
  • Long lasting results.


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