Top Sex Reassignment Clinics in Thailand

Top Sex Reassignment Clinics in Thailand

Are you dreaming about becoming a full-pledged man or woman? Thailand is the country where your dream can become reality! Plenty of Thai hospitals and medical hubs offer this type of procedures at an affordable cost. The price doesn’t compromise neither the quality, nor the safety protocols!

Sex Reassignment Surgery is an excellent alternative for gay, lesbians and transgenders. These procedures are aimed at altering the patient’s sexual functions and physical attributes, matching his/her body with the inner experience.

The price of a male to female sex reassignment package in Thailand ranges from $5,500 to $14,000 and usually includes the following interventions: Penile Inversion (reconstruction of the male genitalia into female’s genitals), External Correction, Colon Vaginoplasty and Scrotal Skin. The packages also include consultation fees, take home medications, VIP nursing care and FREE pick up from the airport.

The female to male procedure is pricier ($22,095 – $35,468) and involves more interventions. There are different stages (stage 1, for example includes a mastectomy and a hysterectomy) of the whole process and each stage usually lasts 6 – 14 days.

Asia Cosmetic and Yanhee Hospital are the only clinics that offer female to male sex reassignment procedures. It is priced at $35,468 in Asia Cosmetic while it is $22,095 at Yanhee Hospital.

The only clinics that offer female to male sex reassignment interventions are Yanhee Hospital ($22,095) and Asia Cosmetic ($35,468).

Below you will find the best Thai clinics that offer sex reassignment packages. You can compare packages and decide which one best suits your needs!

Cost of Sex Reassignment

CityName of the ClinicMale to Female
Mueang NonthaburiAsia Cosmetic$14,000
BangkokNirunda Clinic$5,500 - $10,000
BangkokYanhee Hospital$7,955
BangkokBangpakok 9$5,647

SRS Benefits:

  • The patient achieves the physical alignment with the inner self
  • The patient’s dissatisfaction is removed
  • The patient functions as a whole, becoming a fully integrated individual

Sex Reassignment Surgery helps you become a fulfilled man or woman! Check out our partner centers in Thailand!

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