Top Macular Degeneration Treatments in Turkey

Top Macular Degeneration Treatment in Turkey

Top Macular Degeneration Treatments in Turkey

Having visual disability during old age can be very debilitating especially with elderly individuals who want to stay active!

Macular degeneration or age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the foremost reasons of severe blindness in individuals age 60 and up. AMD takes place when the macula (central portion of the retina) depreciates. Although AMD does not have a cure, there are treatments and procedures that improve symptoms and delay vision loss.

One of the best medical tourism destinations for eye care is Turkey. Other than that, Turkey is known to provide excellent medical care in the field of dentistry, plastic surgery and ear, nose and throat treatments. Turkish hospitals have the expertise to provide eye treatments and surgical procedures to common eye disorders such as AMD.

Why Travel to Turkey for Macular Degeneration?

Turkish Eye Centers are one of the best destinations to avail eye treatment because they have:

  • Affordable treatment costs and packages
  • International patient programs
  • Expert eye specialists
  • ISO-TUV Certified hospitals
  • Assessment, diagnostics and check-up in one center
  • Offers accommodations, airport pick-up/transfer, and interpreter
  • Assistance to international travelers
  • Lesser waiting periods
  • Uses the latest medical technology in performing eye surgery

Top Medical Centers

Acibadem Healthcare Group, Istanbul, Turkey

Since 1991, Acibadem is one of the most successful medical center franchise in Turkey. All over Turkey, it has 12 outpatient clinics and 18 full-service general hospitals. Acibadem aims to provide a holistic and comprehensive diagnostic and treatment approach through the high caliber health care experts and professionals, modern medical technology, with the use of JCI accredited standards.

Birinci Eye Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Birinci Eye Hospital is an innovative eye center that offers all types of eye examinations and procedures. With its expert eye specialists and its use of high technology equipment, the center aims to increase the life quality of their patients by providing services at international standards and technological infrastructure.

Cevre Private Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Cevre Hospital has been sharing its healthcare expertise since 1993. They specialize in hair transplantation, aesthetic and plastic surgery, laparoscopic operations, and also in the field of EENT. Their number one priority is patient satisfaction especially from international patients.

Ekol Hospitals, Izmir, Turkey

Ekol Hospitals Group is the first and largest ENT Hospital in Turkey and Europe. They offer the concept of providing holistic healthcare services at affordable prices. Ekol is an expert at medical and surgical disciplines, as well as Plastic& Cosmetic Surgery, Dentistry, ENT Surgery, and Eye Surgery.

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Located in Istanbul, Hisar Intercontinental Hospital is one of the best and largest comprehensive private hospitals in Turkey. They offer one of the highest quality diagnosis and treatment in a safe patient-oriented setting. They offer heart surgery, oncology treatments, orthopedic and cosmetic surgery, neurosurgery, hair transplant, dental surgery, and LASIK eye surgery.

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