Top Grade Gastric Sleeve Surgery in South Korea


Top Grade Gastric Sleeve Surgery in South Korea

Do you want to get in shape and live a fulfilling life? Are you searching for a safe, result-providing solution to get rid of those extra pounds? The gastric sleeve surgery in South Korea may be the option for you!

What Is the Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The gastric sleeve surgery (also called sleeve gastrectomy) is a procedure which reduces the patient’s stomach to 25% of its initial volume. The result is a sleeve-like shaped stomach; the intervention is usually performed laparoscopically and is proven to be safe and efficient.

Among the leading destinations for people travelling for bariatric procedures, South Korea features world-class hospitals, highly trained surgeons and the latest facilities, at pocket-friendly costs.

Cost of the Gastric Sleeve Surgery

City/CountryHospital NameTretmentPrice
Seoul, South KoreaSeoul Surgical HospitalAffordable Bariatric Surgery Package in Seoul South Korea$6,000

Why Is the Gastric Sleeve Surgery Done?

  • The digestive system is not rearranged
  • Is not a malabsorvative surgery
  • The need for vitamin supplements and protein after the surgery is diminished
  • The patient will have a decreased appetite
  • There aren’t any foreign objects implanted in the body
  • It has fewer complications than other bariatric procedures

Benefits of the Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • It’s usually done laparoscopically
  • Less scars, minimal pain
  • Short hospital stay
  • Increases self esteem, self confidence and well being
  • Less complications

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