Surrogacy Options in India, Georgia and Cyprus

surrogacy options

Surrogacy Options in India, Cyprus and Georgia

For some couples, surrogacy is the only solution to have the family they are dreaming of. A surrogacy agreement implies a surrogate mother who agrees to carry the pregnancy and give birth a heterosexual or gay couple, or to a single man or woman who wants to become a parent.

There are two types of surrogacy:

Traditional surrogacy

During this procedure the surrogate either undergoes IVF with sperm from the male or from a sperm donor and the eggs are provided by the surrogate herself. Therefore she is genetically related to the child. This form of surrogacy is the oldest method and because of the genetic link between the surrogate and the baby there is some downside risk to this form of surrogacy.

Gestational surrogacy

During this procedure  the surrogate carries a pregnancy and delivers a child that is created from the egg and the sperm of the intended parents and /or donor egg and /or donor sperm and/or donated embryos in any combination. The important thing about this type of surrogacy is that the gestational surrogate is not genetically related to the child and acts only as a gestational carrier for the pregnancy.

The prices for surrogacy vary depending on the country where it is performed, clinic and procedures that have to be used. In the US the price for surrogacy can be as high as $150,000, while in India from $10,000 to $20,800 and in Georgia $28,000.

Surrogacy options available

  • Egg & sperm donor
  • Egg donor and own sperm
  • Own eggs and sperm
City/CountryName of the clinicPriceProcedure
Raipur, IndiaPahlajani IVF and Surrogacy Clinic$20,800Surrogacy with egg donor
Tbilisi/GeorgiaIn Vitro Fertility Clinic$28,300IVF-ICSI with Surrogacy
Nicosia/CyprusNorth Cyprus IVFfrom $65,000 Surrogacy with egg donor

Main Benefits of Surrogacy

  • Provides childless couples a way to have children of their own
  • Favored over adoption
  • The child is genetically related to one or both parents (gestational surrogacy)

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