Maxillofacial Surgery in Costa Rica

Maxillofacial Surgery in Costa Rica

Maxillofacial surgery focuses on surgical procedures involving the jaw and the mouth. Patients are referred to a maxillofacial surgeon when traditional orthodontics or basic dental procedures cannot apply in a certain situation.

Reconstructive surgery is a major part of training for a maxillofacial surgeon, literally allowing a surgeon to rebuild areas of the jaw, lower face and neck that have been damaged due to a certain disease, an accident or blunt force trauma.

CityName of the ClinicPrice
San JoseOral Med Center $3,500/Jaw

Common Types of Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Cleft palate or lips
  • Disfiguring deformities
  • Facial nerve damage
  • Cancers of the mouth, jaw, or neck
  • Jaw alignment correction procedures [mandible (lower jaw) or maxillary (upper jaw)
  • Removal of bone to correct alignment and structure of the jaw
  • Jaw implants
  • Bone grafting
  • Cosmetic surgery

Benefits of maxillofacial surgery

A maxillofacial surgeon:

  • can do anything from pulling an impacted wisdom tooth to correcting misaligned jaws.
  • provides treatment and procedures for individuals who have experienced facial or deformity due to blunt force trauma and accident injuries that may require but is not limited to dental implants to total jaw reconstruction.
  • treats individuals diagnosed with cysts, tumors, or cancer of the mouth, jaw, or throat.
  • performs facial cosmetic surgery procedures as well.

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