High Quality Treatment for Breast Cancer in Germany

High Quality Treatment for Breast Cancer in Germany

Sometimes body changes that seem normal can be signs of cancer. Women are usually diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine breast cancer screening. This disease can be devastating, but you have the chance to get the best treatment from the best doctors if you travel to Germany.

Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant cells form in the breast tissues. The first sign of breast cancer often is a breast lump or an abnormal mammogram. Other signs of breast cancer include a  change in the shape or size of the breast, fluid, other than breast milk, from the nipple, especially if it’s bloody, a nipple turned inward into the breast, dimples in the breast that look like the skin of an orange, swelling in the armpit. Ductal carcinoma is the most common type of breast cancer.

German hospitals assemble a team of specialists who thoroughly understand your health issues and concerns, offering advanced breast cancer screening and diagnostic services. German doctors tailor the care you receive, and you can trust them to collaborate and give you the best possible outcomes.

Treatment Options in Germany

  • Radiotherapy
  • Surgery (lumpectomy, mastectomy, sentinel node biopsy, axillary lymph node dissection, breast reconstruction surgery)
  • Drug therapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Chemotherapy

Breast Cancer Hospitals in Germany

There is a wide range of treatment options in Germany for breast cancer, and the cost start from $3,000. Some of the best clinics for cancer treatment in Germany are:Anova Medical Center, CCSVI Center, Frankfurt, GermanyCombining the best medical care from leading institutions in Europe, Anova Center in Frankfurt has been diagnosing CCSVI in MS patients using the most advanced diagnostic methods and equipment. Some of the medical services and programs offered by Anova are Cancer Services, Cardiology, Cell Therapy, Dental Services, ENT, Neurology,  Fertility Medicine.German International Clinic, Frankfurt, GermanyGerman International Clinic in Frankfurt offers a friendly and comfortable atmosphere that helps patients to recover. With optimal technical equipment, Dr. Siebenhuener, Director of the clinic, warmly welcomes patients to his private practice at the center. A competent, highly motivated team, that cooperates with relevant clinics and other doctors from various disciplines, is at your disposal to achieve your treatment goals.

Benefits of Breast Cancer Treatment in Germany 

  • A full range of treatment options to consider
  • Experienced, licensed, renowned oncologists
  • Provides the latest in diagnostic technology
  • Personalized cancer programs
  • Combined treatment techniques

It is important to pay attention to your body so you can notice when something changes. Breast cancer stages range from early, curable breast cancer to metastatic breast cancer.

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