Female Golden Vial Program

Female Golden Vial Program
Female Golden Vial Program

Female Golden Vial Program

All of us want a healthy and disease-free body, don’t we? We all focus to be attractive and lead a stress-free life. If you want to experience a youthful, stress-free and rejuvenated life, Infinity Clinic welcomes you to experience the Elite Rejuvenation Program known as “Female Golden Vial”. This is one of the most popular packages that we have for our esteemed clients to rejuvenate them and motivate towards a better life where they age gracefully.

How We Age

As we grow old, our body stem cell pools start to get exhausted. Thus, the body’s natural ability to repair the health troubles and fight against diseases tends to decrease. Try the fetal stem cell-based Elite Rejuvenation Program called “Female Golden Vial” offered by Infinity Clinic that works on improving the body’s ability to self-renew the dying cells and enhance the regeneration of the tissues.

The Elite Rejuvenation Program “Female Golden Vial” has been specially designed by the Infinity Clinic scientists in coagulation with the in-house physicians. The package is crafted to provide improved health and quality of life to our esteemed patients. It not only gives you a healthy life but also offers you an extended youth. You will feel immensely rejuvenated and energized after the session.

What Does Female Golden Vial Program Include?

The Female Golden Vial Program executes around 240 different types of fetal stem cells in combination with fetal extracts. This provides rejuvenation to all the body tissues of the patient. Apart from this, it supplies new resources to the stem cell and revitalizes each of them. This benefits the patients hugely by providing a disease-free and energized mind, body, and soul.

Patients are hugely benefitted by the application of special creams created in the Infinity Biotechnology Laboratory. The cream is formed on the basis of extracts derived from the fetal stem cells. This special package of active creams enhances the rejuvenation of:

  • Hair follicles
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decollete
  • Hands

It is important to put here that Infinity Clinic provides customized medical rejuvenation session to all our patients. This efficient process has a lot of benefits to the patient’s stem cell development. The tailor-made rejuvenation process offers food choices to the patients and gives extreme luxury and comfort.

Goals of the Female Golden Vial Program for Its Patients

The major goals of Elite Rejuvenation Program “Female Golden Vial” are:

  • Elimination of age-related physiological changes and prevention of aging for 10 years
  • Prevention and treatment of age-related diseases
  • Powerful immune boosting
  • Stimulation of one’s own stem cells
  • External rejuvenation through the bio-cosmetic procedure for hair, face, neck, decollete, and hand
  • Chronological/biological age ratio balancing and improvement
  • Improvement of nutrition and oxygen supply to organs and tissues
  • Enhancement of vitality, energy level, and exercise power
  • Psychoemotional stability and improvement of cognitive performance
  • Rejuvenation of the skin
  • Sleep normalization

Infinity Clinic invites doctors from Ukraine and other parts of the world to provide personalized consultation sessions to esteem its patients.

Additional Medical Services Included in Female Golden Vial Program

Apart from the fetal stem cell-based therapy, the “Female Golden Vial” of Elite Rejuvenation Program includes the below mentioned medical service:


  • Laboratory tests required for the health analysis
  • Ultrasound of the upper abdomen, pelvis, and thyroid
  • ECG
  • Y.N. consultation
  • Treatment and Procedures Involved in the Program:
  • Plasmapheresis with ozone therapy and UV
  • Detox solution
  • PRP-therapy
  • Full body and abdominal massage
  • Stimulation of facial muscles by microcurrents
  • Lymphatic drainage body massage
  • Lifting Facial Mask
  • Mask with placenta extract for the face and decollete (Infinity Clinic uses 20 weeks’ fetal placenta by our unique technology)
  • Moisturizing mask
  • Cryomassage of the face
  • Facial massage
  • Purifying face mask
  • Machine massage of the scalp (d’Arsonval)
  • Whitening mask

Post-Cell Therapy Medical Consultations

Our caring medical professional staffs at Infinity Clinic offer comprehensive follow-up medical consultations of all our patients after the rejuvenation program as well.

What Are The Additional Services Included In The Program?

Other than the superlative medical facilities and consultations, we at Infinity Clinic provide the following services to our patients:

  • Airport-Clinic-Airport Transfer
  • Accommodation for the patient and 1 attendant
  • Full board (3 meals a day) according to individual preferences of the patient and breakfast for the attendants
  • VIP terminal at the airport
  • Evening program with dinner in the city
  • Group Guide
  • Group Tour

Know all about the Female Golden Vial Program package offered by Infinity Clinic! Get in touch with us and make your journey unforgettable!

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It should be noted that some medical procedures can be replaced (except injections of fetal stem cells and fetal stem cell-derived extracts) which depend on your health condition after careful examination by the doctors of Infinity Clinic.