Female Anti-Aging Program by Infinity Clinic

Female Anti-Aging Program

Female Anti-Aging Program by Infinity Clinic

Aging is a concerning factor for women and a large number of ladies wish to get different anti-aging treatments in their mid-thirties. However, one should start earlier in order to get the best results from different procedures. Nowadays you can find different anti-aging programs throughout the clinics and it is very popular among the women.  Infinity Clinic is one of the leading organizations in the world to offer advanced stem cell treatment at a reasonable cost and the Female Anti-Aging Program aims to enhance the excellence of life among the women.

Fighting the Aging Causes

Aging results from the tiredness of stem cell pools which are responsible for the regeneration of senescent, damaged, and dying cells of varied organs. It affects the skin, outer beauty and often it leads to hopelessness. Infinity Clinic is one of the founding organizations to provide the best female anti-aging program with the help of advanced stem-cell therapy.

Treatment Details

Stem cell therapy is dissimilar from other procedures and it stimulates the self-generation of an organism with an improved substitution function of dying and senescent cells and the discharge of trophic factors that stimulate tissue rejuvenation. Infinity Clinic offers advanced fetal stem cell treatment that helps to transform fetus different organs to renew and regenerate the patient’s matching organs.

Female Anti-Aging Program- The Effects

This treatment package is a complex approach and a cosmetic action that ensures the general improvement of health and an enhanced quality of life. The common effects of this process are,

  • Exercise power and higher energy level
  • Chronic fatigue disappearance and vitality improvement
  • Libido improvement
  • Sleep improvement
  • Refreshment of skin elasticity and skin tone
  • Enhanced cognitive performance
  • Enhancement of oxygenation of the tissues and organs
  • Blood pressure and hormone level stabilization
  • Hair quality improvement
  • Internal organs functioning normalization
  • Immune system functional improvement
  • Improved adaptation for stress-related factors

Female Anti-Aging Program- The Benefits

The best benefit of our exclusive healing procedure is the immunomodulation process that our scientists have developed. One must go through the advanced procedure of immunomodulation in order to ensure a positive outcome.

Personalized Treatment

The quality of our services and the trust of our clients have made Infinity Clinic as a leading organization in the world and the personalized treatment services are favored by the clients. Yes, we offer numerous personalized treatment services ranging from the combination of cells, extraction process and dietary recommendations for each and every patient.

Skilled Professionals and Infinity Clinic Packages

As a leading organization to provide best stem cell therapy across the globe, we acquire a dedicated team of well-reputed and highly skilled doctors for consultations with our patients. We also provide medical consultations follow-up for our clients after the stem-cell therapy.

You must know that embryonic stem cells are collected from the blastocyst’s inner cell mass, commonly known as tumorigenic. If fetal stem cells are collected from fetal tissues within eight to twenty weeks of improvement, it doesn’t indicate a similar tendency in in-vivo experiments.


  • ECG
  • Laboratory tests
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid, pelvis and upper abdomen

Treatments and procedures

  • Detox solution
  • Plasmapheresis with UV and ozone therapy
  • Placenta extract mask (Infinity Clinic uses 20 weeks’ fetal placenta with advanced technology)
  • Massage of abdomen
  • Lymphatic drainage body massage
  • PRP-therapy
  • Scalp machine massage (d’Arsonval)
  • Stimulation of facial muscles by microcurrents
  • Facial massage
  • Lifting Facial mask
  • Cryomassage of the face
  • Moisturizing mask
  • Set “Shine skin” (using Japanese “La Sincere” cosmetics
  • Purifying face mask
  • Whitening mask

Female Anti-Aging Program- Additional Services

You can avail of several additional services by choosing us. Our additional services include;

  • Transportation from airport to clinic and clinic to airport
  • Accommodation for the client along with 1 attendant
  • Daily 3 full board meals according to your preferences and breakfast for attendants
  • Group tour
  • Group guide

Get more details about the Female Anti Aging Program package from Infinity Clinic. Choose Infinity Clinic for a different healing experience and enhance the quality of life.

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Medical procedures can be altered (apart from injections of fetal stem cells and fetal stem cell-derived extracts) depending on the condition following through check-up by the Doctors of Infinity Clinic.