Effective Hair Transplant In Istanbul, Turkey From $2150

Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey

Effective Hair Transplant In Istanbul, Turkey From $2150

Hair transplantation is one of the effective hair restoration processes today. People can prevent their baldness nowadays and it is very easy. Numerous celebrities have undergone through the procedure and they are happily living their lives. The treatment is available for both women and men.

Istanbul has emerged as a popular destination for hair transplantation in the recent years and you can find numerous top-notch clinics across the nation. The cost of hair transplantation is cheaper than other European countries and it is bringing a big change in the medical tourism of Turkey.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Package

There are chances to see that the same provider is charging different costs for similar packages. The difference is resulted from the relative factors like:

  • Type of treatment (FUT/FUE/Scalp reduction)
  • Desired outcome
  • Experience
  • Risk involved in the process

Depending on the condition, the doctor will prescribe for imaging tests. Based on the report, the doctor may call you and instruct about upcoming treatment.   

Advantages of Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

  • Well-known Doctors
  • Latest tools for the treatment
  • Skilled therapeutic workers with different specialties like eyebrow transplantation, sideburn/beard/moustache transplantation and FUE/FUT hair transplantation.
  • Improved quality of life

Level of Complexity: Low

Price: Hair transplant packages cost starts from around $2150 in Istanbul, Turkey

Note: The cost of the treatment will be finalized after thorough check up.

Duration of Stay: 2-5days


  • Consultations (pre and postoperative)
  • Price of post-operation garment
  • All medical charges including doctor fees and nursing staff
  • hospital charges


  • Transportation
  • Lab work
  • Accommodation

Mandated Pre-op Tests:

  • CT
  • BT
  • ECG (for people who have heart diseases)
  • Blood sugar(random)
  • Hep-C
  • Hep-B

Note: The pre-op tests will depend on their health conditions and all tests are required to be done before 15 days of the procedure.

Methods of Payment- Credit card, cash, wire transfer

Note: The clinic may ask you to drop some amount after confirming for the treatment.

How to Reach

Istanbul is a major city of Turkey located across the Bosphorus strait. The city is situated at a strategic location and it is well connected to the major cities and Airports. You can come to Istanbul Ataturk Airport or the large Sabiha Goken International airport to reach to the clinic.

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