Cheap Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Cheap Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Cheap Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Do you dream of getting back in shape and live a healthy, happy life? Are you looking for a safe, successful solution to get rid of the extra pounds? The Gastric Sleeve Surgery is the answer you were looking for!

What Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery (also known as sleeve gastrectomy) is a procedure which reduces the patient’s stomach by 25% of its original volume. The result is a sleeve or tube like shape; the intervention reduces permanently the stomach’s size and it is usually performed laparroscopically. The sleeve gastrectomy is a irreversible procedure.

Why Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Done?

  • Unlike other bariatric procedures, the digestive system is not rearranged
  • The patient will feel full soomer
  • There aren’t any foreign objects implanted in the patient’s body
  • It has fewer complications than other procedures

Cost of the Gastric Sleeve Surgery

LocationName of the ClinicTreatmentPrice
Istanbul, TurkeyAcibademGastric Sleeve Surgery$16,400
Ahmedabad, IndiaAsian BariatricsGastric Sleeve$8,500
Bangkok, ThailandBangpakok 9Gastric Surgery$15,800
Milan, ItalyIstituto AuxologicoLaparoscopic Gastric Sleeve$43,700
Jelenia Gora, PolandKCM ClinicSlimming Laparoscopic$6,900
Mexicali, MexicoMexico Bariatric TeamLaparoscopic Gastric Sleeve$5,500

Benefits of the Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • It’s usually done laparoscopically and it lasts about 2 hours
  • Less scars, less pain
  • Increases the patient’s self esteem, self confidence and well being
  • Less complications

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