Cheap Bone Graft in Los Algodones, Mexico

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Want to avail of dental implants but your dentist says you have a thin jawbone?

What is a bone graft?

After assessing the quality and quantity of the patient’s jawbone, your implant surgeon will create a flap of skin (on the gumline) and when the jawbone is exposed, he/she will place the bone graft and cover it with a protective membrane (to protect from germs and encourage healing). Then the gum flap is stitched back into place.  The healing period takes 4 months and the patient is prescribed with antibiotics and antibiotic gargles.

Why is bone grafting done?

Bone grafting is performed to have a sufficient jawbone when the dental implant is placed. Having a thick jawbone provides a sturdy support for implant-supported teeth.

Cost of Bone Graft in Los Algodones, Mexico

Bone grafting may be performed as a separate procedure or may be incorporated during the implant surgery if it is a minor one. However, if it is performed as separate, it may be cost more and your dentist will advise you of this situation during consultation.

CityName of the ClinicTreatmentPrice
Los AlgodonesSani Dental GroupBone Graft$350
Los AlgodonesEvolution Implant CenterBone Graftsmall - $300 / large - $400
Los AlgodonesSimply DentalBone Graft$200 -$450
Los AlgodonesCircle Dental GroupBone Graft$400 (large)
Los AlgodonesSani Dental Group PlatinumBone Graft

Best Candidates for Bone Graft include individuals who:

  • Have gum disease
  • Are wearing dentures for a long time
  • Have teeth development defects
  • Have facial injuries
  • Have empty spaces in the mouth when teeth are removed
  • Have experienced losing natural bone due to other dental procedures
  • Want to have implant surgery

Benefits of Bone Graft in Los Algodones:

  • Maintains the jawbone’s structure
  • Re-establishes the facial bone structure
  • Lowers risk of being graft rejection
  • Stimulates new bone graft
  • Facilitates dental implant surgery
  • Restores your natural smile

Have a bone graft surgery to improve your smile and to facilitate dental implant surgery!

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