Cancer Treatment Packages in Europe

Cancer Treatment Packages in Europe

Cancer Treatment Packages in Europe

Are you looking for cancer treatments? Did you know that several renowned medical clinics in Europe offer gainful diagnosing and treatment packages for patients struggling with many types of cancer?

What Is Cancer?

Cancer can develop in any tissue or organ at patients of any age. Many cancers are curable if they are diagnosed in their early stages and long-term remission is often possible even in advanced stages.

Cancer treatments have the goal of destroying or removing all the tumours or cancerous cells from the body. This is possible through properly using suitable treatments, usually by combining them. It is multimodal treatment, meaning that it involves the collaboration between oncologist surgeons, radiotherapists and medical oncologists.

Why is the Cancer Treatment Done?

  • Cancer treatment is done in order to destroy or remove the tumours or the cancerous cells from the patient’s body
  • In advanced stages, the cancer treatment is done with the goal of obtaining lifetime extension and a good quality of life

Cost of Cancer Treatment in Europe

CountryClinicBreast CancerStomach CancerBone Marrow TransplantColorectal cancerLung CancerProstate CancerKidney Cancer
TurkeyAcibadem Healthcare Group$100,000
TurkeyKent Hospital$70,000 – $120,000
ItalyCasa di Cura Privata Ernesto Montanari$12,900$12,900
ItalyIstituto Auxologico Italiano$32,400$38,400$46,717$47,470
PolandEuropean Health Centre Otwock$2,259 – $4,034
PolandKCM Clinic$1,898
GreeceSarafianos Hospital$4,822

Benefits of the Cancer Treatment:

  • Destroys or removes tumours or cancerous cells from the patient’s body
  • Provides lifetime extension (in advanced stages)
  • Improves quality of life

Be aware of the option you have! Contact us and find out everything about cancer treatment packages in Europe!