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Exclusive Dental Treatment Package at Davincis Dental Designers Group in San Jose Costa Rica

Best Dental Implants in Costa Rica Package

This package combines dental crowns and veneers for your teeth and provide you a lovely smile.

Dental Package in Costa Rica

A veneer is positioned over the front part or even obvious areas of the tooth. This really is a thin shell that covers the total tooth. Crowns are recommended while a tooth or even tooth are extremely badly wornout, damaged or even damaged to be very easily renewed with a filling up. Crowns are usually required for tooth which have needed root canals.

Treatment NamePriceCenterLocationInclusions
Package 1$9500DaVinci's Dental Specialties CenterCosta Rica7 porcelain veneers, 14 porcelain crowns
Package 2$4000DaVinci's Dental Specialties CenterCosta Rica2 extractions, 6 porcelain veneers, 1 fixed bridge
Package 3$1950DaVinci's Dental Specialties CenterCosta Rica4 fillings, 4 porcelain crowns
Package 4$950DaVinci's Dental Specialties CenterCosta Ricaupper and lower dentures, 6 extractions

Why Choose Us?

  • DaVinci’s Dental Specialties Center is situated in Jaco Beach destination, Costa Rica, residence of natural splendor along with a method of obtaining for holiday pleasures.
  • Playa Jaco, provides almost all the solutions to satisfy many your needs, for example banking institutions, hotel rooms, eating places, tourism a lot of treatment centers that offer a complete selection of solutions.
  • Our dentistry center provides risk-free dentistry, take a look at our solutions, functionality, assurance and also employees to set the mind comfortable and also cut back a large number of Dollars!

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