Plastic Surgery in India

Best Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in India

Want a perfect body? Exercise and diets do not work for your body? You have a hectic lifestyle and you do not have time to go to the gym or pay attention to what and when you eat? You begin to see the signs of aging on your body and this scares you or you simply are not happy with the way you look?

There is a solution! What about getting the perfect body and the perfect vacation with one trip?

Plastic surgery in India can offer you this. You will not only visit an amazing country, but you will also manage to have the body you wish to have with minimum of effort. Experienced plastic surgeons, modern equipment, highly successful procedures and affordable prices. All these can be found in India, one of the world’s leaders in plastic surgery treatments.

The most common plastic and cosmetic procedures in India are:

Affordable Plastic Surgery India

Benefits of plastic surgery in India:

  • Offers you the body you have always dreamed of
  • Restore your self-confidence
  • Improved quality of life
  • Feel and look more attractive
  • Minimal scars due to technically advanced procedures
  • Effective procedures

The best plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics in India:

Manipal Goa India

Manipal Hospital Goa, located in Goa-Panaji, India, is a multi-speciality hospital which is run by a highly qualified team of doctors. Manipal Hospital is well-known for its experienced plastic surgeons, affordable prices, highly successful cosmetic surgeries and state-of-the art medical equipment.

Cosmetic Surgery prices at Manipal Goa: breast augmentation $1,800, tummy tuck $1,400, liposuction $1,100, breast implant $1,700, breast lift $2,400, eyelid surgery $1,700, face lift $2,500, nose surgery $1,700.

Nova Specialty Surgery India

Nova Specialty Surgery, located in Bangalore, India, brings modern medical technology and internationally trained plastic surgeons under one roof to offer patients easy access to high quality and affordable healthcare.

Cosmetic Surgery prices at Nova: tummy tuck $3,200, breast augmentation $3,500, breast implant $3,200, breast lift $2,600, eyelid surgery $1,500, face lift $2,800, liposuction $3,000, nose surgery $3,000.

India is a tough competitor in various medical areas, including cosmetic and plastic surgery. Thanks to developments in the health infrastructure and major developments in the medical tourism industry, India now offers cosmetic surgery procedures at the same quality as those performed in the US, but at affordable prices.

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