Affordable Stem Cell Diabetes Treatment in Kiev, Ukraine

Stem Cell diabetes treatment in Kiev Ukraine

Affordable Stem Cell Diabetes Treatment in Kiev, Ukraine

Stem cell therapy is the latest solution for multiple life-threatening diseases. With the help of latest technologies along with stem cell therapy, doctors are now curing diabetes patients in Ukrainian city Kiev. Doctors are now providing complete reversal of the diabetic process among patients. Doctors are now considering the stem cell therapy as the future of diabetes treatment.

Ukrainian city Kiev has emerged as one of the most popular destinations for medical tourists. Thousands of diabetes patients have benefited from stem cell therapy here in Ukraine. The availability of advanced clinics and world-class healthcare facilities has made Kiev a major healthcare hub in the region.

Package Prices Are Determined by Several Factors

The same clinic often declares different package prices for stem cell diabetes treatment. This happens due to:

  • Age
  • Level of risks
  • Involvement of experts
  • Health condition of patient
  • Availability of bone marrow
  • Equipment involved in the process

The specialists at the treatment center will ask to submit your health reports so that they can analyze your physical condition. Following which the doctors at the health center will hold a telephonic conversation with you can discuss the treatment plan and procedure.

Advantages of Receiving Stem Cell Treatment in Kiev

  • No need for insulin treatment
  • A long-term solution
  • Get a stabilized blood sugar level
  • Prevention of other diabetes-related complication like kidney failure and nephropathy

Complexity Level: High

Cost: Starts from $12,000 for stem cell diabetes treatment in Kiev, Ukraine

Length of Stay: 10-15 Days


  • Consultations before and after the treatment
  • Hospital charges including the night stay
  • Charges including for doctor, assistants and nursing staff
  • Post-surgery cloths, etc


  • Accommodation for revival
  • Lab work before the operation
  • Airfare

List of Pre-Operative Tests

  • Ultrasound tests for heart, kidney, abdomen, thyroid, chest, Prostate CT and brain
  • CBC and serology
  • Gastroscopy and colonoscopy
  • Urine test
  • Cancer markers like AFP, CEA, PSA
  • AIDS, RA factor, Hepatitis Ag/Ab, EKG, ESR, etc.

Note: The pre-operative tests will be prescribed after the thorough check-up of the health condition of the patient. All the prescribed tests should be done at least 15 days before the operation.

Payment Options: Cash, wire transfer and credit card

Note: The clinic may ask you to deposit some money in advance once you decided to receive the treatment.

How to Visit Kiev?

You can reach the city through Boryspil International Airport, which is Ukraine’s largest airport. If you want to get there through budget airlines, you should visit the city through Kiev International Airport that connects the city with many global cities around the world.

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